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Come Visit Almond Garden

Hi there. I'm Ann---wife, mother, entrepreneur and now, blogger.

Let me tell you a little bit about Almond Garden.

You see, my husband and I made a big leap and decided to put up a business of our own. After working 9 years in the Middle East, we settled back home and the first thing we did was buy this 6,000-square-meter piece of farmland near Tagaytay. It was full of trees: mango, coconut, langka, coffee and banana. There was one problem, though. It was so thick with wild shrubs that we couldn't even walk through it for fear of snakes and other critters.

But we had a vision for it.

We wanted to develop a garden in the middle of this wild terrain. We wanted to bring in garden plants amidst the local fruit bearing trees to have an outdoor venue with a very rustic background. We went ahead and hired a Singapore-based landscape architect who shared our vision. Her idea was to fill the garden with a lot of shade trees. Scientific name: Terminalia Mantaly, a.k.a. Bucida or Madagascar Almond.

The future Almond Garden

That was in 2016. Fast forward now to December 2017, and the unveiling of Almond Garden.

Almond Garden 2017

Pretty awesome, isn't it? Hopefully we can start operating next month but in the meantime we welcome visitors who want to come see our place. Maybe brides-to-be who are still looking for that perfect garden, couples who want to celebrate their anniversary, the 17-year-old lady who will be celebrating her debut soon---everybody is welcome to visit us. But do let me know in advance so I can show you around myself. I would love to meet you.

Drop me an email or send me an sms at +63 917 542 4455. Visit our website, for more pictures and details.

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