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Modern woman. Timeless love.

Every place has its identity, its spirit. And Almond Garden is no different.

As much as the tree is defined by its fruits or an artist by his work, so is Almond Garden defined by its bride. Its spirit comes from the woman who chooses it and makes it her own for that very special day.

Wouldn't you want to get to know her?

She is an accomplished woman in her own right.

And she celebrates life and love with those close to her heart.

She knows exactly what she wants.

And that is simple understated elegance.

She decides based on knowledge as well as gut feel.

And she is not afraid to commit with all her heart.

She enjoys the challenge and the tough decisions that go with it.

But chooses to be happy nonetheless.

She chooses classic.

And she loves that which is naturally beautiful.

She accepts and respects differences with other people.

But stands firm on her choices.

She approaches life on her own terms, her own rules.

She is the modern woman.

She is Almond Garden.

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